Kiwanis Park

Kiwanis Park in St James City features a modern playground for kids and fitness equipment for adults. The park is located on the grounds of the St James City Civic Association.

The children of St James City had previously enjoyed a playground at this location thanks to a partnership of the Lions Club of Pine Island and the St James City Civic Association.

As the Lions Club wrapped up their years of service on the island in 2019, a call went out to the community to help save the park.

Kiwanis of Greater Pine Island saw an exciting opportunity to serve the children and assumed responsibility for the park. From there, community support was outstanding, and funds were quickly raised to replace the playground equipment.

Thanks to grants from Kiwanis Florida Foundation and Kiwanis International, we were able to complete the playground and add Adult Fitness Equipment to make the park even more enjoyable for the community.

A special thanks to our sponsors and community support - it shows once again how special Pine Island really is!

Visiting the Park

Kiwanis Park is located on the North end of the St James City Civic Association property, at Fifth Avenue and Lemon Street in St James City, Florida.

The park is open daily dawn to dusk.

Kiwanis Support

Kiwanis International Children's Fund

Kiwanis Florida Foundation

Kiwanis of Greater Pine Island

Kiwanis of Cape Coral

Business Support

Woody's Waterside

Honc Industries

Maximum Solutions

Pine Island Realty

Individual Support

A special thanks to all our individual donors. With support ranging from a few dollars to thousands, thank you!